For the products of adopt the riveting technology or punch technology, do two kinds of technology the differentiation?
The punch press technology belong to the strong dint to transform in a twinkling, general parts easy creation bad form change, such as beat thick, curve, and the internal dint, the riveting technology is then the weak dint to transform, internal creation of metals with loading slice toward direction of fiber flow, transform good, have no internal dint. the riveting force just only 1/10 of the punch.

Is the riveting technology mature?
The foreign countries as 70's beginning to big scale usage the riveting technology, but domestic to application it more late ,but the riveting technology are mature. A lot of local enterprise usually of marveling the foreign product to process the quality goodly but don't know the" riveting machine". As long as own this kind of new equipments, we can process the qualified products.

Can brief the principle of the riveting machine?
The riveting different from punching machine, its molding tool gets in touch with the work piece each time only point, make it transform under the smaller pressure, then through the swing and will transform the point to expand to whole transform the cross section, thus complete whole surface transforming.

Can the riveting technology protect the electroplate plate layer not to break, can also press the print, press the mark?
Quite so, the radial riveting machine can protect the plate layer well .As for press to print, press the mark, any set riveting machine plus the simple limit rotary device can carry on beating the mark, press to print, if need it can also be small type hydraulic press to usage.

Does the metal rivet can been riveted on the plastic?
Of course, the radial riveting machine can protect the plastics work piece available while process this kind of parts tower the riveting machine (series of JM) not to produce to broken and bad transform.

What shall we pay attention to the riveting process?
Should pay attention to the proportion of rivet diameter and length and assembly forms, when the proportion of rivet diameter and length over 10, the rivet is assemble in the part outside (the rivet did not be surround by the metals) the common riveting machine processes it easy creation rivet flexion, It's should use the radial riveting machine (series of JM) at this time.

How about the riveting process efficiency?
The riveting machine processes the efficiency very high, almost about the punching machine, the single piece process equally consume time about 2-3 Sec.

I haven’t use the riveting machine, can introduce the main function in brief? Main application at which professions?
The main function of riveting machine is transform for the metals, suitable for every parts turns over the side and seals, permanent conjunction etc. The main applied profession have: Precision machine, the spinning device, the steel furniture, the building hardware, automobile, the motorcycle accessories etc ,especially in a lock of automobile, clutch ,the support pole of back door, pintle, the ascend and descend system of glass, carburetor brake shoe etc.

How long can been used of riveting machine?
The normal service life of the riveting machine is 8-10 years.

Riveting machine which parts belong to the consume piece?
The bearing of riveting machine, seal and foot-pedal and the electric appliances parts belong to the consume pieces, the normal usage will appear the damage after some years. It's performance have: The bearing damage with violent noise, rotate the result to become bad, the riveting quality descend: The hydraulic press performance after sealing completely a damage for slight leakiness, annoy the motive performance as the riveting pressure not enough. appear to leak air etc. After confirm that type of parts use the manual in the specification model number purchase within a chapter according to the product.

How to protect and maintain the riveting machine to make it attain the long usage?
The maintain generally should pay attention to the following item:
1. do not process the work piece beyond the ability.
2. don't working with long hours under the high pressure.
3. the hydraulic oil should replaced after one year.
5. the radial riveting machine should usually lubrication toward equipment.
6. meet the abnormality to stop and check to fix immediately until to get ride of break down.

How about the delivery time?
Our company delivers goods generally is one week (for domestic). If need deliver goods to your company and we will send to your position.