Hand Operated Impact Press

Hand operated impact press is intricately designed by our team of adept professionals and is high in performance and low on maintenance. These machines efficiently convert the kinetic energy of the spring into an impact load and suitably handle the operations.

Technical specifications:

• Maximum Adjustable Striking Load: 1.1 Ton
• Collet Bore Diameter: 10 + 0.03/-0.0
• Working Surface area: 215 x 178 mm
• Maximum Thickness That can be Punched:
       - M.S. 20 S. W. G.
       - Brass, Aluminium, Copper 18 S. W. G.


• Maximum opening: (A) 380 mm
• Centre Distance: (B) 159 mm
• Column Height: (C) 600 mm
• Throat depth: (T) 141 mm
• Mounting hole: (E) M10 x 15 mm deep on 80 mm PCD


Marking, embossing, blanking, piercing, press fitting, eyeleting, assembly riveting, inserting, etc.